Start Loving The Essence of BoOkS!!!

Life is no brief candle for me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handling it on to future generations.- GEORGE BERNARD SHAW This is my first blog and it seems so exciting to... Continue Reading →

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Good Old Memories….. Never fade!!!

Don't you wish if you could pick some of your childhood memories and blow it up into a bubble and live inside it forever? 🤩😍 Everybody will have a story to tell about the memories back from their good old childhood days. Mine is one such. I am not one of the grown-ups ,who have... Continue Reading →

They’re CLaSsiCS!!..

A beauty neither of fine colour nor long eyelash, nor penciled brow, but of meaning, of movement, of radiance.An excerpt from ~ JANE EYRE [Written by Charlotte Bronté] 'Classics'! A word that immediately brings an image of books having a vintage touch.. When I walk into the Central Library, I could see a whole bookshelf... Continue Reading →

Bored sitting at home? Got an idea!

Amidst the Fear brought into our minds by the corona virus, many of us have started started discovering every nook and corner of our house for the first time! Isn't? Well, for most of us, the days in the beginning may seem very lovely and we somehow find something to do.. like cleaning,rearranging, redecorating, cooking... Continue Reading →

Are lizards or ‘beliefs’ scary?🤔

I usually wonder over this question of lizards being so scary! Sometimes I think that they are the most ugliest of all the creatures that ever walked upon this earth. But my conscience always corrected me saying that “just like a child is the most handsome or pretty to its mother, every creature is the... Continue Reading →

Be Good… Feel Good… Do Good

THE WORLD ISNT THAT BAD , AFTERALL!!!!!We all know, but rarely do we understand that, life is a journey. The travel can be either a boring one or rather can be an interesting one, depending on how you see it. You know it’s like this- You can either cry out loud by saying that the... Continue Reading →

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